Winner of The Best Pizza Shop of 2017 (Bucks County Courier Times)

Our History

Alex is the owner of Bella Maria Tomato Pies and has a family pedigree in the pizza business. Both sides of his family were bakers who emigrated from Naples and Calabria, Italy in the 1920's. Pizza is literally a part of Alex's DNA. His paternal grandmother's name: Raffaella Pizza.


Alex's father Carmen opened up his first pizzeria with his brother Frank and a friend in Bristol PA in 1947. Drafted into the army in 1951, Carmen sold his share of the pizzeria and served his country honorably in the Korean War. Upon his discharge from the US Army, Carmen married and supported his family working as both a steelworker and a pizza maker. (Pizzaiolo)


In 1970, Carmen opened his second pizzeria on Neshaminy Blvd. in Bensalem PA. Carmen taught the pizza business to his three sons,

and handed down to them a recipe for pizza dough that his uncle Pasquale gave to him in 1947. Carmen's uncle Pasquale was the founder of Italian Peoples Bakery in Trenton NJ.


Since 1972, Carmen’s three sons have developed, owned and operated several pizzeria restaurants in Bensalem PA, Levittown PA, Langhorne PA, Stone Harbor NJ, Avalon NJ, and Virginia Beach VA.




Bella Maria Tomato Pies offers a comfortable, friendly ambience in house, while also providing fast service.


The menu features: Pizza, Tomato Pies, Sandwiches, Pastas, Fresh Salads, and Italian Specialties.




Alex left the pizza business in 2001 for a few years to venture into the corporate world but found it unsatisfying.  His passion was making pizza, and he was insistently urged by his beautiful daughter Maria to return to pizza making. Maria constantly told her father

"Daddy, you make the Best Pizza. You should open up another pizzeria. The people just have to have your pizza."

Shortly after she said this to her dad, Maria was involved in a terrible auto accident that tragically took her life.


Alex's spirit was crushed, losing his beautiful and precious daughter Maria but he found new purpose in Maria's words.

One day Alex had a revelation, he remembered the voice of Maria saying "Daddy you really should open a pizzeria the people just have got to taste your pizza." In that moment his purpose was set in stone. He would open a pizzeria and call it "Bella Maria Tomato Pies"

Within three days after this experience, Alex happened to be driving by the location 3718 Bristol Pike and noticed that the building was available for lease. He secured the lease and opened up Bella Maria Tomato Pies.


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Alex attended and graduated with honors from Bucks County Technical High School with a diploma in Restaurant and Baking, has over 45 years of experience and expertise in the pizza restaurant business, and uses a dough crust recipe that has been considered a family heirloom used for the past 70 years. Alex now has his own two sons working with him and learning the craft. The pizza dough and all sauces are made fresh everyday on site.





In 2017, it is hard to find an authentic Italian maestro pizzaiolo who is dedicated to the craft of expert pizza making which is in fact an art form. Alex says, "This is not a 'Slap 'n Go pie', each of our pizzas is crafted with expertise, and especially with Love."


Bella Maria Tomato Pies is more than just another pizza shop; it is a Labor of  Tribute, Dedication, and Love, to the Love of his Life Maria.